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Forex Contest FXCM

Jason Rogers (jasonrogers)
Jul 01 2016 at 21:21
272 posts
jamesu posted:
Did this contest start already? Any requirement to participate?

@jamesu the last FXCM contest here on Myfxbook was Nov-Dec 2014.

Jason Rogers (jasonrogers)
Jul 01 2016 at 21:32
272 posts
MarjanRijavec posted:
When can we expect bid and ask line showing actuall price? This year? Spring, summer...? For swing traders is not problem but for scalping having entry lines 2 pips above actual candle is very bad and not accurate to trade... Please do as soon as possible!
Also in mt4 commisions are seen as withdrawals. Talk with metaquotes about charging commisions in trade itself at the entry not as losing trade (withdrawal) gives fake statistic.. I tried to talk about that with FXCM support several times without success.

I hope here i will get some +++ from other FXCM users noticing that aswell.


TheGMan posted:
Hi Edwardm

This issue has been corrected several mths ago. You need to contact FXCM support & ask them to email you the link to fill the form to have your acct switched to server Real09 I just had my acct switched & the Bid & Ask is now correct!

@Edwardm as TheGMan said, FXCM implemented a solution for MT4 charts.

If you are using Trading Station, then the spreads you see on your charts will depend on your account type: Mini or Standard. However, if you are using MT4, then the spreads you see on your charts will depend on the MT4 server to which you are connected. While the charts on some of our MT4 servers reflect the raw FX spreads available to Standard accounts, the FX charts on our other MT4 servers reflect the all-inclusive spreads (with no separate commissions) available to Mini accounts.

If you complete the form below, we can switch your Standard account to an MT4 server with charts displaying the raw FX spreads available to you for trading.

* MT4 Chart Update for FXCM US Clients:
* MT4 Chart Update for FXCM UK Clients:

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