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Forex Contest Fidelis Capital MARKETS

Rohitfx11 (Rohitfx11)
May 02 2015 at 10:01
3 posts
'Fidelis Capital Markets does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions such as USA ' Rest all others are accepted as I can see on there website

ivaneis posted:
Fidelis Capital Markets does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions such as USA, European Union and Belize.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
if I were to win the prize I could not use them

Ricsoo (Ricsoo)
May 02 2015 at 10:01
3 posts
Its hilarious to see people losing 90% of the account within just hours. Really gamble style

Cut Losses Short & Let the Profits Run
PipoMagic (PipoMagic)
May 02 2015 at 10:01
11 posts
Complaints have started :)

Automation Eliminates Psychological barriers to profittable trading
fastdrive55 (fastdrive55)
May 02 2015 at 10:04
100 posts
gtalks4 posted:
hello mrshinko. It means unfortunately you cannot participate in this contest. The way you can confirm this is by visiting their website and have little chat with support. I'm sure this will help.

Bad idea to use this broker for a contest. Use one that can accomodate all clients. I am a bit surprised. The non US fact should have been mentioned from the beginning :-(

You haven't been around lately.
May 02 2015 at 10:04
19 posts
can someone tell me ip address server?

Vu Phong
May 02 2015 at 10:04
3 posts
FX Financial Solutions Ltd
May 02 2015 at 10:05
5 posts
Where we will find out our daily update of Trading performance ?

rabihenjbar (rabihenjbar)
May 02 2015 at 10:05
3 posts
what is the server name of the demo accounts

May 02 2015 at 10:06
11 posts
JacoAF posted:
BenNathanFTA posted:
bluemarlin5 posted:
After less than 2 hours of trading we already have accounts with -75%..... 😎

Haha nice - its the problem with these competitions - i think they should have a max risk limit, that way it cuts out the chancers who crank an ea up to max risk and either blow it OR win by a stroke of luck.

A competition for actual 'traders' would be proper cool

Could not have said it better... It always amazes me to see the 'all-guns-blazing cowboys' fall like flies on high-volatility events like NFP or FOMC... I just test my own method of trading in these comps, no point trying to compete with the gamblers....

as a 'human' - I am pretty much OK with my current ranking. climbing up step by step. If I manage to get into first 50 HUMAN traders - I`ll be just fine.

Never retreat. Never surrender.
May 02 2015 at 10:19
1 posts
is it possible to have multiple accounts on a competition? how?

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