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Live Forex Contest Max

Mar 08 2016 at 15:10
8 posts
What surprised regulator it is the fact that a licensed broker wiped account and did not sent a statement. Probably it will deal with the Cypriot regulator and with major companies TOPFX. How long it will take, I do not know.

Mar 09 2016 at 08:00
34 posts
mothaya posted:

MaxFX deleted my profits.

MaxFX blocked my account.

MaxFX did not refund me all my initial deposits.

I advise all to be Careful

We went through our records, it seems we refunded your initial deposits entirely on 03/03, 04/03 and 7/03 where your entire initial deposit was met. Infact you were not charged a cent, all your funds were returned to you.

All documentation and relevant proof was sent to you. Claiming we did not refund you is a false statement, please refrain staining a perfectly fair broker because you were caught cheating.

Mar 09 2016 at 11:10
6 posts
The big question are, how an ECN broker with regular licensed can have a delay on price for more then forty minute on EUR-USD pair after NFP's news? How an ECN broker can increase and decrease spread just for take stop loss or margin call on our account? How an ECN broker can have a delay of more then 2 minute on EUR-USD comparate with other broker?

And finaly how it is possible that an regulated broker don't send any statement after acccount disactivation? How can I justify to the IRS that I have not gained or lost money from this trading account without a statement?

In four year of trading is the first time that I saw something like this, in a real contest and with myfxbook sponsoring.

kiddragon1412 (kiddragon1412)
Mar 09 2016 at 11:11
23 posts
FFAM posted:
What surprised regulator it is the fact that a licensed broker wiped account and did not sent a statement. Probably it will deal with the Cypriot regulator and with major companies TOPFX. How long it will take, I do not know.

Good luck mate , please keep us posted . Look like more than one contestant have their account blocked with initial deposit refund only .

Trading for a "LIVING"
Mar 10 2016 at 07:16
5 posts
I had the same problem as FFAM, but my profit was only 8.70$!

Chu Van Viet
chuvanvietforex (chuvanvietforex)
Mar 11 2016 at 11:22
5 posts
MAXFX please pay profit to clients. We are not wrong. MAXFX dont SCAM trader!!!

Mar 12 2016 at 09:58
6 posts
MAXFX don't SCAM ?

Look this picture!

Which king of broker during NO NEWS can have a slippage and this kind of execution?

In just 33 second more than 280 pip!

This is the account of bartolj during MAXFX Live Contest.

Good luck to all!


Mar 12 2016 at 10:00
1 posts
The amount of ignorance is overwhelming. This broker clearly has lagging quotes and issues with liquidity during event times. Many of you have engaged in latency arbitrage where you check the real prices from other broker and leverage the shit out of your 1 min trades thinking how smart you are and returning astronomical profits without risk.

Not to defend MAXFX anyway, just surprised at the amount of denial here. They also voided my trades yesterday (actually they didnt void the trades but made a random manual EURUSD buy order with made up quotes HAHA :D). In any case I compared their quotes to my main brokers, and indeed I also benefited from their lagging quotes, however, I didnt deliberately exploit it and was generally exposed to market risk for a extended period of time. I made similar trades on my LMAX account for instance which were profitable. Trying to get some sense of this and asked them to compare their prices to real market prices and readjust the P/L accordingly.

Obviously, it tells a lot about the broker if you can do latency arbitrage and they really should have came up with legit explanation whats going on. I guess they wont, since thats how bucketshops operate (however would be really positively suprised if they did!). I kinda understand you guys also who feel overwhelmed about your profits being wiped off, Im sure theres alot people who made their profits without exploits. Any case the whole issue would be solved if everyone's trades were settled from the real prices, for instance comparing the prices to some established brokers or whatsoever.

Mar 12 2016 at 10:01
4 posts
Does anybody from myfxbook reply to email??? I wanna know if i am still in the contest, or in other words who is and who isn't. Because this competition list became a really mess...

AnotherBrian (AnotherBrian)
Mar 13 2016 at 04:11
74 posts
Now I'm happy I decided to to participate.

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