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78678676 (78678676)
May 13 at 09:49
117 posts
Bitcoin is getting stronger than ever. I regret not investing in it when its buying value was much lower and I could actually afford buying a good quantity of it.

May 25 at 21:38
4 posts
May 27 at 07:44
4 posts
When investing in bitcoin, it is worth remembering that it is one of the leading cryptocurrencies and that it is subject to the influence of the whole world, and sometimes it is pretty unstable. I sold a large amount of my savings when I saw that the btc to usd ratio started to decrease. Now Bitcoin is coming back and I'm in doubt. I think anything can happen to it. Maybe bitcoin will set a new record for cryptocurrencies, or perhaps we are waiting for the death of the most popular cryptocurrency. It seems that now it is better to spend your money to invest in something more stable such as real estate.

perryjohn765 (perryjohn765)
May 27 at 15:36
212 posts
it is not dead. it is slowly gaining the momentum back

Jun 01 at 10:54
6 posts
BTC will die when central banks start creating their own crypto currencies. They will then start to massively regulate other crypto which will kill crypto like bitcoin

Jun 03 at 09:26
9 posts
But bitcoin is already in the financial system. Central banks won't kill it, if anything the regulation will make it stronger

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