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Reasons why you should NOT trade cryptocurrencies

Oct 16 2020 at 12:02
34 posts
It is absolutely unpredictable.

Nov 09 2020 at 09:51
30 posts
After hearing a lot about cryptocurrencies, I tried to make an investment. It didn’t go that well and I lost badly. That’s when I decided to stick to Forex trading in which I am already doing fine. I will plan to diversify my portfolio in some time.

Nov 09 2020 at 12:16
25 posts
I agree that trading cryptocurrencies is not everyone’s cup of tea. You might not always achieve what you have been longing for.

Nov 11 2020 at 05:56
37 posts
It can be profitable but it is also quite unpredictable. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are highly volatile so anything can happen. The prices keep going up and down.

Nov 12 2020 at 05:56
34 posts
It is difficult trading crypto and if you’re not on the right track, you might even keep losing.

Nov 27 2020 at 05:20
38 posts
Trading cryptocurrency is not easy. I have been a forex trader for the last few years and tried my luck in crypto trading also. But it didn’t go that well.

BluePanther (BluePanther)
Dec 30 2020 at 04:46
1353 posts to Delist, Suspend XRP in the US After SEC’s Ripple Suit
(Wed, 30 December 2020)

Balint564r65 (Balint564r65)
Dec 30 2020 at 09:14
8 posts
I will give my personal opinion about crypto trading. Several years ago I discovered this klondike. Thanks to the large fluctuations in the exchange rate, I have earned a decent capital. But I have always understood and accepted the risks associated with this trade. My opinion if your profession is a trader. Then you can develop for yourself a trading strategy for trading almost everything. Good luck to all. And happy holidays.

Jan 19 at 09:02
33 posts
It is good that you decided to share this information here. Keep posting more.

Feb 12 at 05:23
12 posts
It is good that you decided to share some information here. Thanks for sharing.

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