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Broker recommendation!

Oct 18 at 10:02
37 posts
I have traded with several brokers and from my experience I can say FP Markets is a good choice because their commission costs and slippages are lower with an minimum opening balance of $100 AUD.

Oct 22 at 08:29
30 posts
My recommendation is to try trading with FP Markets; they have a minimum opening of $100 AUD with some of the lowest commission costs per lots.

The other advantage is they have over 1000+ instruments for global trading stocks, indices and commodities.

Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Oct 25 at 12:04
102 posts
Fxview and hotforex are 2 good options to consider.

Oct 25 at 22:45
696 posts
I have to complete an online research to select a broker. And with that, you have to be aware of the broker's service using that broker's demo platform. And better traded with a regulated broker.

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Oct 26 at 02:44
43 posts
I will suggest ZFX. ZFX accept a minimum deposit of 15USD to get start with Mini account.FCA license, good spread and so. Although I suggest ZFX, you should know more in order to open an account in anywhere

Oct 29 at 10:44
14 posts
It's kinda difficult to recommend any broker for you because traders have specific tastes in choosing brokers. Some prefer those ones which provide the most suitable for them conditions, which don't relate to spreads or something like that, while other traders prefer dedicate lots of time to the process of choosing the ideal broker. I'm convinced that there is no ideal brokers, all of them have their own positive and negative features, because everything as I said is pretty individual. For one trader, tight spreads are an advantage, while for other traders it's a drawback. So, here we should appeal only to your personal needs and what do you want to get from trading activity at all.

Oct 29 at 16:17
499 posts
The most important thing is that the trader is comfortable to work and the company is reliable. The rest plays a more secondary role.

Nov 01 at 08:54
31 posts
I agree with Alberncon; FP Markets is a reliable ecn broker with lower spreads and commission costs than other ecn brokers.

I mainly prefer trading with them is because of their customer service, which is quick in responding to client queries even through live chats.

Nov 18 at 16:02
124 posts
blackChelsea posted:
Fxview and hotforex are 2 good options to consider.

when I made a choice, the broker also heard these options, but still settled on Amarkets, everything is fine, but I'm thinking of opening an account somewhere else for comparison

Nov 22 at 11:46
16 posts
I recommend most traders to use FP Markets because their trading conditions are reliable and good with faster execution speed, lower spreads & commission costs.

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