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Did anyone else get burned by OANDA's Stop Hunting Practices Today?

Rizki Kurniawan Paradja (minyu2)
Feb 12 2014 at 20:40
38 posts
In this game we always play against someone right? Even if Oanda is a broker, they still have to pass the order to other players or market makers. So why we should care whether Oanda is a broker or market maker?

Price manipulation on the other hand is a serious thing. But without prove there is nothing you can do.
So provide us some authentic evidence and I'm sure others will support you. As been mentioned above that price difference amongst brokers is not something unusual or illegal. If your goal is to have your money back then I'm telling you it's never gonna happen.

But this is a good case. Perhaps to deal with this kind of event in the future is to add 15 to 20 pips to our initial stop loss, especially before high impact news. I think it's the smarter way to trade.

Feb 12 2014 at 22:02
22 posts
Dude, Oanda is not a broker. You are playing against Oanda, and unlike black jack, the dealer here sees all your cards when you place a stop loss order.

Not only that, the other player Oanda sets the price, not the market or other players.

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