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Jul 16 at 12:53
29 posts
The Euro fell from near US$1.1850 to US$1.1795 and was near US$1.1810 at the US close. EUR/USD price ranges at 1.1811 currently.

Jul 20 at 13:51
20 posts
The Euro rose from lows near US$1.1765 to US$1.1820 and was near US$1.1800 at the US close. EUR/USD bears tease 1.1800 amid a four-day downtrend.

DjanLuis (DjanLuis)
Jul 21 at 03:52
13 posts
I have the intraday operational profile, but I keep the habit of understanding the EURUSD panorama in greater times. In that case:

Monthly Chart
I see the price within a range between 1.24 and 1.07 since early 2017.

Weekly Chart
I see the price within a range between 1.19 and 1.17, in a region that has been under testing since September 2020. If the price breaks this support, the price could seek the bottom of the monthly channel at 1.08.

Daily Chart
Price continues to fall, with many false breakouts, and I confess that I am in doubt about this fall, as I believe the price is owed a correction at least to the 1.19 region. But nothing prevents the price from going down.

Jul 22 at 12:45
22 posts
EURUSD is currently trading lower at the 1.1800 level, and the risk is skewed below. The European central bank unveils its new decision on a monetary policy.

Jul 23 at 13:34
20 posts
The Euro fell from highs from near US$1.1830 to lows near US$1.1755 and was near US$1.1770 at the US close. The EURUSD was held by daily Support level 1.1750 and dint break level to the downside.

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