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FX Raider (FXraider)
May 06 2010 at 02:43
50 posts
My, how silly this conversation has really became. I did not show the broker on any account visible simply because I saw no purpose, really I did not see as 'clearly' into the situation as you apparently can. I did not do it deceive anyone, and of course any potential investor or worthwhile person (not including yourself, and no we can't be friends on Facebook) can just simply ask the question. I don't take 10 Second chart trades and I'm not in and out of 50 trades per hour.

Furthermore Will, how is it dishonest when it is an optional parameter bubble box when you setup an account? Unless you specifically have some issue with a particular person not showing a broker, who cares? It is nice for you to point that out to other potential worthy people that may get 'scammed' by these types of low life people that do NOT select the show Broker visible option when they link an account. What a shameful crowd of people they are.

I don't trade with a 'ghetto' broker and frankly, your paranoid. Any investor with a decent head would actually go into the trade history, find the details and recreate the trade to see if it was worthwhile. Taking a sample size of this would determine a lot.

Or simply rule people out via the 'Selected to not show broker' option, knowing you'll only be dealing with the top quality of society that never lies nor cheats. Feel warm and fuzzy this morning knowing it is people like you that will keep people making accounts private.

Good day and good luck on your trading, perhaps you should focus on that as developing worthwhile, long-standing Forex relationships might prove difficult para ti.

FX Raider

Live to trade another day...
will schaarrand
May 06 2010 at 05:16
59 posts
Do I need to make a list of dishonest brokers to prove my point?

The parameter options in myfxbook allows dishonesty, Hence the problem with balance gain vs True Equity.

Showing the broker you use, shows creditability, not endorsement.

Do I need to point out Metatrader Broker's options?

I'll say it one more time. IF you are hiding something, there is a reason.

'''I did not show the broker on any account visible simply because I saw no purpose, really I did not see as 'clearly' into the situation as you apparently can''''

T. Buitendyk (tbuitendyk)
May 06 2010 at 06:21
141 posts
pipinvestment0 posted:
...Showing the broker you use, shows creditability, not endorsement...

Not knowing exactly the definition of 'creditability' in this context, I'm afraid I cannot argue with you. 😄

That said, and your opinion notwithstanding, I beg to differ: There is a certain implied endorsement in any choice of brokerage, unless one's publicly stated goal is to be ripped-off. And conversely, there certainly is not implied 'credibility' in anyone's choice of broker, as the logical corollary of such a position is that there are no fraudulant brokers which is most certainly _not_ the case.

(I must be beggin' to get flamed now... 😀)

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