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GBPUSD Bullish Trend Continues

ProTradersGroup (ProTradersGroup)
Mar 02 2014 at 02:43
386 posts
yohana posted:

So I really thanks for your opinion 50/50, because it is better than 10/90 😁

we are (Pro Trader Group) developing and testing a system with accurate >90% 😉

Happy trading!

rahiths (rahiths)
Mar 07 2014 at 11:35
98 posts
$GBPUSD 1HR CHART: Institutional Trade Levels: Key lvl to look 4 on the upside is 1.6795. Downside key lvl is 1.6606.


A trader can be an economist but an economist could never be a trader. They are too theoretical.
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