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Good Trading Results 700% in 3 weeks BUT what should i do next?

Mar 31 2016 at 14:13
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My opinion is that to many 'new' traders, shoot for glory. Forex is about Investing and not a quick rich scheme.
I'm a full blown licensed fund manager and have clients who I manage 100k+ easily. And I compound their accounts as well.
I don't give education or signals, due in my opinion only shitty traders have to revert themselves to those kind of practices.
Seen it on mql forum as well; where a signal provider get's a huge following crowd and all pay $20 - $100 per month. The master account is a cents account at some shitty broker as well. And all starts following, accounts gets blown up. But the master bangs still a profit due the amount of followers. And these people have absolutely no shame that followers accounts get blown up.

About the Glory rich guys. An article which might interest you:

And on instagram or other social media it is crazy; you have this company: ---> this company should be seriously banned. Over their extremely a lot of victims, on the 'get rich and glory' bandwagon scheme.....

The fact that people present fx like a quick scheme rich is absolutely horrid and wrong. Or the people who charge 50% management fees runned by these so-called managed account services all across the internet. Why you think they charge 50%, because their going to blow the account soon.....

If you have a 10k, let a professional manage it. But don't hand it to a complete stranger and blows your 10k. Than better take that 10k and divide it by 10 and try 10 times to becomes a consistent trader...

In forex the system to double an account is done by the DIAD method. It is extremely risky and it can be done. BUT as a professional, I sincerely do NOT recommend aspiring and fellow traders to get yourself involved in such trading methods.

OK! That is my 50 cent, let me end my post with some humor.

Mar 31 2016 at 15:45
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Not sure what you guys are on about. Took a vacation for a week or two and the talk continues..the Pap was recovered with 50K balance all withdrawn. I have started a fresh account with 34 clients onboard following my signals, we are already up 120% this time we are aiming for 1 million in 12 months. There is plenty of room...

As usual start off slow and the pick up the pace later on. haha nice Kim Jong-un photo!

Get Rich & End World Poverty
Apr 01 2016 at 06:40
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I love forums when I get spare time, they're hilarious!

Apr 01 2016 at 07:56
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@goodboyfx Hi - I sent you a mail regarding a link to see the new account as you weren't happy posting a 3rd party link on this site, but I still haven't heard from you regarding the link.

Apr 01 2016 at 08:11
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aidy, i took a break few days, i got so many msgs in my box heh. With regards to Pap account, it is done i had recovered 50.7K and decided to withdraw, Started fresh as i found clients wanting to copy my signals. So check for my new account Pap II with clients on board (34 clients so far - list just growing) check out my blog, where i discuss it in details

Get Rich & End World Poverty
Apr 04 2016 at 09:32
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guys read an interesting article other day on forexlive that according to seasonals past 11 yrs april is been the best month for GBP. So, look into it. Long it if you want, with brexit in place' i am super-cautious. Any bad comments out of yellen, GBP might be currency of choice. Best of luck.

Get Rich & End World Poverty
Apr 05 2016 at 18:01
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why does your new link for myfxbook NOT work anymore ??

Apr 05 2016 at 18:09
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Bluff is a hypothesis 😀

Apr 05 2016 at 18:18
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new link? if you are referring to Pap account, that account is no longer in operation with funds withdrawn. Back by popular demand, i have started a signal service at start of this month (april 2016) and have launch a fresh account which is linked myfxbook see 'Pap II with clients on board' for details on my service see my blog 😄 pardon the site for lack of flashiness :p. i am not good with building attractive websites/flash and such. I am just a raw trader, trading is my 'thing' in future i may hire someone to build me some 'cool looking flashy'' site but for now just generating signals for my clients.

50K targets is my new aim. Every 50K i'll start new account, replenish and restart. Advice of some earlier posters was good, and yes one should be ocassionally withdrawing. Advice made sense, after i had almost a crash with Pap account (rebuilt it to 50K n withdrew - first thing).

So, ya one shouldn't be risking their ENTIRE capital on one account, specially in such volatile spikey market & ya broker's can also bitch around you know how they are once you keep winning.... So goal now is build 50K accounts withdraw start fresh.. 50K..and keep it moving.

Get Rich & End World Poverty
Apr 06 2016 at 06:19
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All i hear is BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA follow by more BLA BLA BLA .. 2 weeks later account is still not updated .!!! what is wrong

update your account please .

i think your account is a goner . back to 0.000 $
best regards

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