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Greedy Investors looking for 100percent per month

Sep 13 2010 at 14:31
55 posts

Moneymanagement posted:
    please lets be at peace here, marajane, you should know here is not for joking, it is for serious beausiness

i most agree/.

the acct that myfxbk is tracking is via citibankfx and as of market open it wou;ldnt open or c;lose trades so i ca;l;l up citibankfx and they natura;lo;ly cant he;lp me but they took them demo acct and said that they wou;ld ca;l;l bostontechno;logies and ask them to ;look at it/. so what does bostontech do? they opened a buy and se;l;l eurusd of 1/.00 ;lots c;losed them which gave me a 56$ ;loss/. damm/.

i ;like trading at both ibfx and forexcom, they are very so;lid cust srvc, i am simp;ly ;livid with citi this am/.

but i wont snap at em, i just wont trade there/.

citis attitude on the phone was that this wasnt a very important issue as it is on game/.

strike 1 and u are out/.

why am i trading 0/.01 ;lots?

ok, this is game trading, the goa;l is to produce a positive unrea;lized or p/;l

citibank is dead in my book/.

Sep 13 2010 at 14:49
55 posts
Sep 13 2010 at 16:53
55 posts
system1 is c;losed and wi;l;l no ;longer be traded/.

it wi;l;l be taken off;line from myfxbk/.

i wi;l;l be demo trading via a broker from ;london via which i have had good experiences with ;live trading/.

besides, citifx on;ly gives 50:1

other company in ;london gives me 200:1 and great cust svc and quick funds xfers both in and out bozund/.



Moneymanagement (Moneymanagement)
Sep 13 2010 at 19:17
35 posts
i wonder who u are telling all this to

Patient The Best Stractegy
Sep 14 2010 at 01:09
55 posts
i wonder the same thing/.



Moneymanagement (Moneymanagement)
Sep 14 2010 at 08:19
35 posts
funny u

Patient The Best Stractegy
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