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I am looking for teammates

Dmitriy Filimonov (Dmitriy1987)
Feb 15 2012 at 06:18
15 posts
You have a great experience! That's great! Is the Trading Experience a matter of psychology or it allows to master some trading skills?

Less talking, more business!
Feb 15 2012 at 07:39
3 posts
yes..always trust your techniques...and what you are doing...that will increase your mentality skills of is the matter of secrets..when you found will recycle again again...this mean your investment cinsistently making profit...without looking at your trading..:)

Feb 15 2012 at 18:54
35 posts
Psychology to understand that you can loose a trade, and know when to close it, skills as radzeer says to find the secrets of stock markets time, indicators, candles, etc..

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