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Im an investor. How to find a consistent traders?

Jul 13 2015 at 09:47
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mine system also working good

FxstayManaged (fxstaymanaged)
Jul 15 2015 at 06:52
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Fxstay traders are the professional ones in the industry

VSA Syndicate (VSASyndicate)
Jul 15 2015 at 07:34
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Verified profits over 800% in 3 months with a low leverage LIVE account:

PAMM services available, lower risk used on in the PAMM. I am looking for a few investors to grow a fund. Message me for details if interested.

Jul 15 2015 at 20:34
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If you looking for consistently profit please check this link:
I am not a scalper, not hedger, not hide anyting because everything is very transparent. i saw you everything our result loss or profit.

Jul 18 2015 at 06:10
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Firstly I reccomend to check your trader with small account or even on demo. It gives you chance to see the tactic and trader's trading manner.

Jul 19 2015 at 06:21
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Semi-automatic, price-action based swing strategy utilizing dynamic trailing stops to protect profits. At any given time there can be 10+ currency pairs in play (max. one trade per pair) depending on market conditions.

No hedging, no gridding, no Martingale. FIFO compliant.

Average Monthly Profit: +11.6%
Max. relative DD: -13.99%
Max. absolute DD: -2.9%

Win:Loss Ratio: 1.6:1
Average Win: +139 pips
Average Loss: -91 pips
Expectancy: 52 pips per trade
Profit Factor: 1.87
Projected CALMAR Ratio: 10.0
Average Trading Time: 2 days

This strategy is traded on multiple real accounts for clients on SIGNALSTART.COM, however, a demo account is used - intentionally - as a Master Signal account for faster (practically instant) executions, so signals can be broadcasted to client accounts as fast as possible to reduce slippage. 1-2 pips slippage on real accounts is unavoidable, however, with a 52 pips per trade average profit the impact is minimal.

You can sign up for at test-drive on:

Jul 23 2015 at 14:45
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I have been working for few different Brokers in London, and recently for a company that provide advisory and can manage investments through FX and CFD (FCA Regulated); They will not lie to you telling you that you can win 15 or 50 % per month as their performance will depend on the customer profile (a profile you set up in terms of risks, objective, markets...). They have to obtain your consent before entering a position, and will always stick to what you want them to do as they are regulated and audited by FCA about this.

If you want any advice, or have any question about this company or other brokers, just message me I will be glad to help !


Jul 23 2015 at 21:40
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There seems to be some very legit account managers over here, but there is also some type or risk involved when trying to find someone who is really honest.

Jul 24 2015 at 08:27
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Jul 24 2015 at 08:30
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Check this out with full transparent, we saw you everything our result. No HIDING anything...

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