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Is it true; no capital gains tax in Portugal on FX??

Jan 08 at 14:43
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Jan 09 at 03:52
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this is not true. in portugal you just don't pay tax on profits on investments in cryptocurrencies (buying and selling).

Everything that is trading / forex you have to pay 28%

Jan 09 at 15:45
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@fxpts Thanks for your response. is there any way to reduce it?

Feb 09 at 05:26
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You should contact the local authorities or some local office for this information. This will give you a correct and trustworthy answer.

Feb 26 at 04:24
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You should check with someone who belongs to that region for some clarity.

Jul 15 at 09:07
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A friend of mine lives in Portugal, and he confirmed this. Cryptocurrency in Portugal is treated the same as any other currency, which means that cryptocurrencies are exempt from paying VAT. Worldwide capital gains and losses are generally included in ordinary taxable income. 13 FX gain or loss should qualify as revenue or cost not benefiting from the specific rules applicable to capital. If you have been interested in this problem, I advise you to go on this site You will find the answers.

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