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Psychological aspects of traders and investors.

Mar 23 2014 at 08:36
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ForexAssistant (ForexAssistant)
Mar 25 2014 at 09:33
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OK, I got one for the Psych team. Remember when I posted 'Have you ever heard the term, human error? Or don't beat yourself up, your only human?'.

I had to do some updating on my programs because of the MT4 600 conversion. So while at it, I made a few changes to make the Pegasus program a little easier to follow. What I wasn't thinking was that every time I compiled the program, it reset my settings to the default where the pause button was set to off. The pause is to catch run-a-way trends. (Like spiking in the wrong direction)

Incredibly, the few minutes that I was working on the upgrade, and had unknowing shut the pause off, the eru/usd had just that kind of a spike and blew through ten ranges throwing all that loss into the recovery basket. It will take almost a year to recover from this, and it looks bad for the poor robot. It's not even its fault, it can't help that its creator is a total idiot on occasion.

My take from all of this, don't take anything to seriously because its the things that you love that break your heart. Screwing up my program and quite probably some portion of my wife's little business isn't anything compared to losing my little sister, (that hurts a lot worse) but sometimes it seems like there's no end.

It's times like these that God made fishing (that's a little vacation Lalu) Something happens and you lose your focus, you try to work when you should be fishing and you go and mess up something important.

It's all pretty painful but as the saying goes, this too will pass.


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