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Those who can't learn will be eliminated by the market

Jan 13 2022 at 19:07
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Totally agree with your words actually. Of course, the ability to learn in case of trading activity is a decisive one, because those who don't want to learn and gain new knowledge, will be really eliminated by the market. It can sound a bit harsh, nevertheless it usually happens. Traders shouldn't be disappointed by this fact, because those ones who dedicate enough time to the process of learning will easily reach their goals in future.
However, those traders who don't care about learning at all and just entered the market, feeling that they can handle all the activities without proper knowldge, will just dump their deposits and leave trading. It's cool that the market decides who deserve to stay on it, and who should be eliminated.
Jan 20 2022 at 06:04
28 posts
The people or things that don’t evolve usually wear out with time. Traders who lack the will to learn new things or new methods can never make money because the market is never constant. It keeps changing and it demands the same from a trader. Therefore, It is vital that traders keep learning and improving their skills if they want to survive the market.

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