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the trillion dollar fund project.

Jul 29 2011 at 17:16
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You deserve it!
Wish you to get that castle of yours along with some Bugatti or Lamborghini alongside and limo for girls and Marlin Mansion singing at your private parties !

Jul 29 2011 at 17:38
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crazzycow posted:
You deserve it!
Wish you to get that castle of yours along with some Bugatti or Lamborghini alongside and limo for girls and Marlin Mansion singing at your private parties !

i always enjoy a person that has a postiive attitude, even if that person is a crazzycow, lol..

but srsly, my goals are not about cars and chics..

i want biotech.

Jul 29 2011 at 18:35
1367 posts
balance: 2407
profit: -740
margin used: 1090
target profit: +400

i expect that all of my business affairs, legal issues and other issues,
will be handled exclusively by the law firm of lennox paton.

all of my calls will be handled exclusively by mr paton's awesomely first class firm.

my trading group's fund managers will be the world's finest corporate attorneys.

i want the best..

i want first class.

Jul 29 2011 at 20:55
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i cant tell you how many people tell me that they want their piece of the pie when i come up.

they hold out their fist to fist bump me and they remind me to not forget them when i finish this project.

really, i say.. remember you? should i?

yeah, dont forget me, they say... we are friends, right?

sure, we are friends.. how would you feel about sitting down and helping me crunch on some numbers, i ask em..

oh no, i dont know anything about that type of thing, they say..

i do not recall asking if you knew anything about crunching numbers... sometimes i like to discuss thiings with persons that dont know their asses from a hole in the ground, lol..

well, i am busy right now, got things to do, gotta go, but dont forget me when you come up...

yeah, whatever, i say..


i remember looking at my friend mark one time, i asked him if he wouldnt mind if we cleared off the kitchen table and crunch on some numbers, meaning that i wanted to go over a few things..

oh, cant you just sit on my foot stool right here by my chair and we do it right here on my little dinky desk?

you stupd ^%$#, you do not have room on that desk for an effing mousepad, much less some legal pads and calculators..

and, right on schedule, he stole all of my work, what a punk....


margolese offers to help, him and his pitiful 1k proposals..

oh, so you want to help?

yes, i do, he says..

ok, fine, how about you make a few phone calls for me?

oh, no, i do not want to do anything like that, he says..

well, what do you want to do then?

i wanna run my fat mouth and parade around and do my best to sound like a player wiithout actually doing any thing.

oh, i see..


fyi, i wiill fiinish this project if it kills me.

<i>position in progress.</i>


Jul 29 2011 at 21:10
1367 posts
crazzzycows is now blocked.


Jul 30 2011 at 19:54
1367 posts
i was slightly nervous, i was sitting at a margin available of 472...

just made a deposit of 800.00, that gives me plenty of elbow room.

in fact, i was actually fairly comfortable, nervously comfortable, with the 472 of available margin..

but now i feel more comfortable.

it is tempting to add a few bucks to this trade, but i will not.

i am untouchable, assuming that i am correct about my work, omg..

position in progress.

target profit: yes.

trading begins in 25 hours.

truth is, trading never stops for my kind.

now, let's dance.


Jul 30 2011 at 20:11
1367 posts
i will never stop loving that so sweet karen.

she is pure joy..

you go, girlfriend, go go go...

Jul 30 2011 at 21:10
1367 posts
oh goodie.. all of the wankers are now blocked..

let's all load up the spaceship and we will fly off to planet claire..

dont forget the weed, of course..

zoom zoom/.

Jul 30 2011 at 23:08
1367 posts
twenty two hours until go go time time....

hang on to your panties..

after i watch this one last video, i am out until tomorrow evening...

see ya then..

Jul 31 2011 at 23:20
1367 posts
it is just me myself and i, riding into that fat fish zone.

balance: 3207
free margin: 1537

met this new chica...


a white chic.

petite, with some ass that dont stop.


when i talked major nastiness to her, she started speaking some kinda chinese.. omg..

i told her that i am gonna make her do things that she doesnt want to do.

and she started spewing that chinese stuff at me faster..

btch, i am gonna phk you up, i told her..

i am gonna make you do sht your mama never warned you about.

i am gonna hurt you, bad, i told her..

she was almost hyperventilating at that point, omg..

she was, like, you are handsome.. and that thing is so big..

and, i'm liike, you sure have nice lips..


bunch of cranky azz btches.

i always told em that they were nothing special.

this new one, omg, she is a little phk bunny.

she will be over to see me again later.

happy trading,


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