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Sep 26 at 15:53
326 posts
Nickbuer posted:
Tip: people should not use huge demo accounts. They should set the demo account capital to the same amount that they are going to invest in a live account. Then gradually move to live account and trade.

Here I completely agree with you. Otherwise, you can just stay on the demo account forever ...

Sep 27 at 07:01
131 posts
Definitely shouldnt use huge demo. The purpose of a demo is to trade your strategy your capital and your emotions and then go live. If youre trading with a 200k demo and have 500 starting capital itll do you no good imo

Sep 29 at 08:19
37 posts
You learn better when you have put your money at risk. If you keep trading on a demo account, you won’t gain anything more than confidence. So after a specific time spent demo trading, go live with a small account.

Sep 29 at 10:04
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Gbpusd pair is in a downtrend. In a trend market you can hold a position against the trend. First you should consider the trend of pair. This pair still has room to fall, though nothing is certain.

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