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Unlimited lot size of broker

frankmartin1 (frankmartin1)
Jan 05 at 14:55
46 posts
Hello, myfxbookers! Trading with a big lot is good! But remember you can afford the loss!

Jan 21 at 09:41
33 posts
I suggest you go for 100 lots per trade. This way you won’t have to worry so much. Just a tip, good luck.

Jan 28 at 06:45
71 posts
Hoooba14 posted:
AAFX has 1,000 lots and FBS are 500 lots, both ECN and STP Brokers

I see, how much did you start with?Also, are you using any of these brokers personally?

Feb 23 at 10:10
9 posts
Well, if you do your research well, you will find a broker that suits your trading needs. Good luck.

perryjohn765 (perryjohn765)
Feb 24 at 06:47
215 posts
Not sure about the unlimited but I am with a broker that allow 100 lots per trade. You can check Fxview if thae helps.

Mar 17 at 09:25
14 posts
You can choose from a variety of good brokers to trade. Good luck.

Mar 30 at 11:18
15 posts
Why would you require an unlimited lot size broker in the first place? I don’t risk or trade on high volumes so it’s kind of hard to imagine.

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