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What do you see in this image?

vontogr (togr)
Dec 19 2014 at 07:37
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ForexAssistant posted:
Old story here. Prices for the feeds are generated by the liquidity providers, aka the bank. We've known for years that different liquidity providers have different prices at any given time. In fact there was once an arbitrage strategy that looked at several brokers to determine entry points and direction.

Pass through brokers don't care if you win or lose, so long as you keep playing the game. If you lose too much, you quit trading and then they lose. So for pass through brokers, it is better if you win. We did have a slogan once, several years back that went something like “ Don't trust your broker”. But you don't hear that anymore because with the ECN system that we have now, you can be friends with your broker again as they are on the same side of the table as you are. (Pass through types only).
Exactly. The idea of brokers reading their EA and doing something is just paranoia.
I have profitable trading EAs running for more than year making hundreds of percent which indicate the idea of@myfxtrader is pure nonsense.


Alexey (VlasovTrend)
Jan 06 2015 at 19:45
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alphasys posted:
Thank you Bob, rob559 also asked me, its Gainsy... now ranked from the 2nd to the 1st place in the score from brokers reviews.. I wonder why... Good pips for you.

Hi guys.
As for me this broker really had to get the 1st place. I have a PAMM account with them and you can check my system to understand what are they, good or not.
alphasys, I cannot see your trading system, please, answer me, why?
By the way, I have never felt that they plays against of me.
So I do not believe that they played against of you only because of you opened a deal, I think you are not alone who traded AUDUSD.
Everyone of us knows that fx trading carries some degree of risk.
By using one broker's services you lost some funds, I got some funds (I am sure not only I)
Or maybe I am a lucky man?

Let's make a profit)))
Jan 06 2015 at 21:31
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Alexey.. you cant see the trading system because i dont want to know anything about gainsy, so i deleted it.. maybe, just maybe you have good results with them because you dont have a problem with big slippage, etc because you trade in different and longer timeframes...
so, for me gainsy and this account is and old page of a book i just throw away.

Good pips for everyone.

Alexey (VlasovTrend)
Jan 07 2015 at 13:41
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rob559 posted:
i'd never go with that broker,too unknown

Rob, when I looked for a new broker I have made a research and found an information about this broker here, on MyFXBook. Then I started to looking for more info about them and I have found it on Skrill and Forbes web-sites. I do not think that Forbes will write that they are good if they are bad.

Let's make a profit)))
Alexey (VlasovTrend)
Jan 07 2015 at 13:42
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So I am talking that they are not so unknown.

Let's make a profit)))
Jan 08 2015 at 14:45
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Hey guys.
I don't wanna talk only about this broker. The point is that forex, stocks, binary options etc is very risky. Look, the inflation in Germany is now on the 2009 minimum, problems with Greece, price for oil. Now trading is very dangerous for those who don't know how to trade. If you're newbie in forex - don't blame the broker.

Alexey, Forbes? Cool, have to google it

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