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Who has the best PAMM accoutn on fxbook ?

Feb 28 2017 at 07:47
24 posts
jdsjioj posted:

These are good managed accounts/management services I found. Good risk adjusted returns, consistency, regulated brokers, long trading history. BinaFX trading history is closed so based on the number of trades I think it might be a kind of grid/martingale strategy which would disqualify the account in my estimation. The other two look like really good, sustainable systems with good consistency and most of all great risk control. I always look at the ratio between average monthly profit and max DD and these systems are the best on myfxbook in my opinion.

These ones look good! But I wonder if the drawdowns are manipulated like someone else said, I think it's strange while they mostly all hide the 'balance' tabs as this is another method people use to manipulate drawdowns by adding deposits when in drawdown to reduce the drawdown.

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