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Why are they not much females trading Forex?

Yohana (yohana)
Dec 12 2013 at 05:55
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slam_dunk posted:

i was only telling half of the truth.

a womans work is never finished....

...unless her husband has arranged for her to hire servants for her helpers.

my mistake.

that is the better version of story.

Yes, Slam, that's ok.
Fyi, the husband will (always) respect to his wife if his wife able to get her own money from her great job.
You are correct for 'a woman work never finished', because the children always need help and love from their mom :)
no one man, even you, can do it perfectly to the children :)
But I respect others especially a man who respect a woman.
I hope we can discontinue this discussion.
Btw, on my screenshot last week, who knows anyone wanna take this as an opportunity, of course at your own risk :)


The weakest creature in the world is a human. It's a reason why the human always develop anything to make them stronger. I am here is just for share, not teaching anyone :)
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