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To be a successful trader

Jun 19 at 01:46
327 posts
Dictiony posted:
To be successful in forex you must acquire good knowledge and should develop good skills. if you will have enough knowledge and skills it will be easy for you to become a successful trader.

To be a successful trader, you need to maintain discipline and plan. And you should be happy with the reward that comes.

Jun 19 at 07:17
9 posts
To be a successful trader, it is important to manage your risks, update the strategies according to current market conditions and always keep the greed out.

Jun 19 at 07:51
20 posts
Keep learning & practising and try to become better each day.

Jun 24 at 03:50
10 posts
Disciplined and planned jobs work very well at any time anywhere. The same goes for trading too.

Jun 26 at 05:04
18 posts
Stay dedicated and focused towards your goal. For forex traders, being consistent is what matters the most.

Jun 26 at 10:45
288 posts
Forex trading can be one of the best investments, only if the person is skilled enough. Without enough knowledge and skills, trading forex is the most risky business in the world.

Jun 26 at 16:15
135 posts
If you have proper risk management it isn't an issue. Its just doing the right things and being persistent

Jun 29 at 06:02
2 posts
Both education and practice is important to become a successful trader. But just learning anything and applying it to trading won’t get you profits. You need proper and relevant education to get ahead. I would suggest a complete trading course to start off with.

Jun 30 at 05:33
15 posts
The beginning of your forex trading career is often the most difficult part. If you keep patience in the beginning, you can have a smooth trading career for a long period of time.

Jun 30 at 11:39
288 posts
@marshallbuchanan yes you are right. Along with patience, one should focus on learning the skills. Unfortunately most people focus on earning and lose money.

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