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Cannot publish to FTP

pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Mar 31 2010 at 02:57
879 posts
I guess myfxbook is a one man/woman show and he/she is taking a nap....😄

Mar 31 2010 at 03:57
8 posts

Yonex posted:

I am currently experiencing some problems with myfxbook; I cannot upload my statements from MT4. I think there is a problem on your side since a lot systems have this problem at the moment. Almost every system says: 'Updated: 54 minutes ago'.

I just wanted to report the problem if you are not aware of it already. 😉


Yes i am also facing same problem.

Mar 31 2010 at 04:59
1 posts
Lion Asset Management (WhyLose)
Mar 31 2010 at 05:05
102 posts
I am having problem with publishing again.
WhyLose posted:
    Their server is still down for me.<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>

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Daily Forex Trades (dailyforextrades)
Mar 31 2010 at 05:23
11 posts
same here....
second time in a month.... might have to go an find some other publisher...

Mar 31 2010 at 05:25
11 posts
B. Ray (heman1320)
Mar 31 2010 at 05:33
1 posts
I really like myfxbook I don't want to have to move....

Mar 31 2010 at 05:39
1 posts
good morning,

same here, but it is nobody keeps on to cange. it is a technical problem which every time of every publisher can be moved.

so waiting a restart from myfxbook and i think the problems are away,
greets lothar

kennyhubbard (compuforexpamm)
Mar 31 2010 at 06:15
265 posts
Yeah, you guys need to chill. This great service costs us, nada, zip, perhaps they don't have a huge staff of technicians on board which would cost an arm and a leg. I, for one, have had nothing but awesome responsiveness from Staff here.

So if you wanna go for another publisher, don't let the door hit you on the way out. I'll try not to miss you too much.

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Ethan (Staff)
Mar 31 2010 at 06:37
1392 posts
Guys, the FTP server was overloaded with too many users - we've restarted it and working on a solution to mitigate this issue.

Apologize for the inconvenience.

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