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Demo FX Manager Challenge !!

DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
Jul 30 2010 at 21:15
814 posts
Final Update of July'10 Performance.

Strategy 1 : Risk 40.
The performance has drag down because 2 days of platform crash down where it can gain much profit.
ROI gain from July at the moment : +19.36%

Strategy 2: Risk 20.
This account is not so lucky compare to Risk40. As above account has more trade and more pip gain.
As said before even the same EA on same broker can have different trigger of trade for tight scalping.
ROI gain from July at the moment : -6.13%

Strategy 3 : Using 3 different account to reduce the risk not having all eggs in one basket.
1) 20k Account of Kill Bill 5 : ROI +53.06% ($10612.59)
2) 10k Account of FxHacked : ROI +135.99% ($13599.55)
3) 10k Account of FgZapper : ROI +32.6% ($3261.52)
Total gain of ROI over 40k investment = +68.68% ($2743.66)

So the Strategy 3 is the leading winner at the moment with ROI +68.68%.

Target to gain 100% ROI per month is still way out of target with current performance.

Information is Gold when come to organised.
Falcon1279 (Falcon1279)
Jul 30 2010 at 23:42
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ForexSeeker posted:
He needed 80k USD badly after 4 month for his wife operation.

Can you accept the reputation challenge being the top FX Manager in the world ?
Or you have to decline as is impossible to make 100% ROI in 4 month.

Your manager fee is Balance Account - 80k. Will you fail your client or become the top world FX Manager ?

If this is real, it would be a shame to gamble on money you needed. Someone might end up getting hurt :P ' now how do we come up with 80k?' <---His wife

Be open mind, we can learn so much more.
DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
Jul 31 2010 at 00:27
814 posts
That just some dramatic plot to make the story interesting... as the idea is just to earn 10k every month with 100k.

Pool from most people just want 10% ROI return with 100k.,1#?pt=2&p=4&o=36662

Quote << fomacc (forexma) Jun 18 at 14:47
As for me, 17%/month is quite good. My goal is ~10%/month with big capital. 10% ROI over 100k is 10k, 100% ROI over 1k is 1k so numbers speak for themselves. >>

So the question is, if you have $100k, do you really need to put all $100k into the Forex to get 10k of return every month ? Or you can just put $40k in Forex and $60k in bank as backup.

So my plot is ' To earn 10k every month with $40k for 4 month consistency testing '.
Sorry to put the FX Manager in tension, but if don't have such plot about the client wife urgently need 80k, the FX Manager will not have any challenge to earn the title of 'Top World FX Manager '.

Wouldn't he just be a normal FX manager if just given 100k without challenge ? Can you find some profile in MyFxboook that using less than 40k and earn average 10k each month for more than 4 month continuously?

Information is Gold when come to organised.
DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
Jul 31 2010 at 06:32
814 posts
Opppss... my mistake calculation of need to achieving target, 10k from 40k is 25% ROI/Month.

Strategy 1 : July'10 (+19.36%)

Strategy 2 : July'10 (-6.13%)

Strategy 3 : July'10 (+68.68%)

Target to gain 25% ROI per month is already achieve by Strategy 3. Look like it going to hit 100% soon in the 2nd month.

But who will get the most Manager Fee still hard to said, if market go well Aug, Strategy 1 may lead the first place.

Information is Gold when come to organised.
DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
Aug 31 2010 at 15:55
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Update 31 Aug'10 :

Strategy 1 : Aug'10 (+20.09%) ; Total ROI (39.41%)

Strategy 2 : Aug'10 (+13.26%) ; Total ROI (7.15%)

Strategy 3 : Total ROI (19.25%)


Strategy 3 drop many as one Account has Wipe Out. Left only 2 month.

New setting :

Strategy 1 : Risk 80, opt out when profit 30k.
Strategy 2 : Risk 60, opt out when profit 22500.
Strategy 3 : Risk 60, opt out when profit 22500 + FGZapper

Information is Gold when come to organised.
DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
Nov 04 2010 at 04:32
814 posts
Final Result :

Strategy 1 : Burst all 40k , Oct use update version and of risk setting is to max and manually use reverse signal sometimes.

Strategy 2 : Burst 50%.
                 Oct have some gain back instead of lose, probably the luck and risk setting. Having frequent platform crash.

Strategy 3 :
i) KB5 20k : Burst out 95% on Sep. As having 2 continues bad luck month ( Aug,Sep ). Risk setting is high also.
ii) FxHacked 10k : First month get 136% ROI, next month burst all. Martingale easy come easy go.
iii) FGZapper 10k : Gain 50% . Update till only 21Oct. Today try to update more but account has been invalid.

No winner.

Strategy 1 : balance 185
Strategy 2 : balance 19k
Strategy 3 : balance 15k

<img alt='' src='' />

Information is Gold when come to organised.
Nov 12 2010 at 18:58
42 posts
Please Danny Panilla
Completing 300% in 6 weeks

Risk 25 % ($10k)
Trade 5% return daily
Will make 160K in 4 month (1 mth $20000:$6532,98 ;2nd mth $40000:13065,95;3rd mth $80.000:$26131,91 ; 4th month 160.000:$52263,82)

Danny keep $97994,66

Estimated profit : $160K

Danny Panilla
Cutie EA Vagabond
Campsie,AU 2194

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