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Do you think 1000% a year is sufficient ? What is your performance ?

Nov 02 2014 at 13:35
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TLCLife posted:
Higher profit, means higher risk. I agree with 111ForexGuru, 100% is posible and real and my target too. Join in, if you are interested.
Don't waste your time with demo accounts, because they truly get better results and the user is more likely to use higher position's volume, because he won't loose real money.

 Why does everyone say that you need to have Higher risk to make higher returns. That by far is one of the most simple minded statements. Risk should not be definded by the amount of funds and leverage you use on any given trade, but instead your actual expouser to the negative side of the trade which you place. Example... Most people in forex trade the SUPPLY/DEMAND zone, which is simply a range in which you ASSUME the market will breakout or reverse from. Notice you still have to decide if the market with increase or decrease from that range. Now, instead of playing the breakout of the zone peoople simply take a wager the second the price heads into the range, and now they have a bias towards either the long or short. So now that trader is taking a big risk when it comes to PIP - DRAWDOWN because now they will be ignoring price action.
 A person can trade to make 1000% a month if they wanted, but if that traders equity curve isn´t bouncing all over the place, then that trader has a very high chance of being able to hit his/her monthly target in comparsion to a person who simply over leverages because they believe the currency is over- bought or over- sold.

 The beauty about myfxbook, is that we can actually see how many pips on avg the person gives to the market before they close their trade. The higher the number, even if the person has a very low dd% or a huge % change, suggest that the person isn´t a very accurate trader. If you don´t have accuracy then you long term outlook will be margin call. Trading forex with the expectation of long term success is being very over confident. If you can´t even predict if you will be alive in 3 days, why should you expect to make any profit in the future?

Nov 02 2014 at 14:44
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Well, honestly, at approx 220 trading days a year, at 5% profit a day you are in the ballgame.

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