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EASY 25% p. Month

Apr 15 2012 at 08:50
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'Pursuing a trading strategy with a Taleb distribution yields a high probability of steady returns for a time, but with a near certainty of eventual ruin. This is done consciously by some as a risky trading strategy, while some critics argue that it is done either unconsciously by some, unaware of the hazards ('innocent fraud'), or consciously by others....'

Not sure what category you fall into:

1. to naive to realize what's going to happen, or
2. knowing you're going to fail and trying for commission anyway...

Apr 15 2012 at 09:04
724 posts
Grid x 50:1 x Martingale = hard-to-compute expectation

 ' and by the use of financial leverage: mistaking a small loss for a small gain and magnifying by leverage yields a hidden large loss.'

A subtler issue is that expectation is very sensitive to assumptions about probability: a trade with a $1 gain 99.9% of the time and a $500 loss 0.1% of the time has positive expected value; while if the $500 loss occurs 0.2% of the time it has approximately 0 expected value; and if the $500 loss occurs 0.3% of the time it has negative expected value. This is exacerbated by the difficulty of estimating the probability of rare events (in this example one would need to observe thousands of trials to estimate the probability with confidence), and by the use of financial leverage: mistaking a small loss for a small gain and magnifying by leverage yields a hidden large loss.

Apr 15 2012 at 14:46
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ah, it is already integrated, thanks mfxb team...........

Apr 16 2012 at 03:33
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LOL, looks like Mr. Big doesn´t like to be blocked.....
Read his new thread and must say it was some sort of fascinating.
Think in real life he is something like a comedian or so, at least an rich entertainer..... or bookwriter???

Apr 16 2012 at 04:06
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ok, a bit more quiet in here now, very good.
As I saw there are followers within my EU and GU accounts. Both of them plus silver are parts of this. If you watch the performance within history seriously you will find the start is different and until the drop in performance system changed. I won´t discuss this in here, feel free to mail me for this......

Apr 17 2012 at 04:51
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everything is in time and proceedin good....
my personal next step is to wait for enough gain from EU, GU and NU to open real silver account.....
this needs time and patience, for all who have not big Ks in their pocket, this is the way.....
after that everything is setup to finaly start my trading plan......

Apr 17 2012 at 09:18
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   TradeCopier2012 posted:
I`am trading an Hedging/Grid&Martiangale Soft System with the Kiwi (NZDUSD).
So with this there is always Gain. The Grid&Martiangale within is softened by first trades same lotsize, starting with 4th trade LS is increasing. Using the med vola Kiwi for this this system is great and will steadily produce around 25% p. month. Trades have an distance of around 40pips......

If anyone is interested in this here´s the link to subscribe for this:

Commission for this is tiny 10% and following is easy by internal InstaForex TradeCopy System.

As an Follower you can make all settings on your own within your trading account because I trade always 0.01 lot.
Recommended starting balance for this is $50=0.01, $100=0.02 and so on.

Give it a try

always good trading

What is the capital need and how much income can be made.

Apr 17 2012 at 12:57
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I recommend minimum capital $50 for this, using lotsize 0.01
for income please pm me because i wont put my personal trading plan in here

Apr 17 2012 at 15:11
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HIGH HIGH Risk NU Real Test Account for my system.......

Purpose of small account balance and pipstep of 25 is to show up trading style behaviour..........
I already placed pics from this in here for analyzing, so this is the performance.......

and remember, this is ONLY for testing out flexibility of balance/pipstep/tf/behaviour!!!

Apr 18 2012 at 15:20
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accounts are not updating.... think I have to set them up again, mh

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