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Forex is Hobby ?

Bebore Francis (Jrbebore)
Oct 21 2020 at 11:14
3 posts
Forex is just like any other business and must be treated with all respect as you would your own business. Here is a video of how i treat forex as a business

Oct 23 2020 at 13:15
232 posts
Many traders take this business as a hobby, many traders choose this as their main income. Forex is a sea of money. If you give your 100% effort, you can become profitable from this market.

Oct 23 2020 at 17:24
547 posts
Ezereombre posted:
Please don’t treat Forex as a hobby guys. You can’t at your leisure trade. Profits depend upon the moves you make as per right market timing. No point trading otherwise.

If you treat it like hobby or part time it can be helpful to reduce pressure. Fear of losing money is extreme in trading. However, it is hard to survive without motivation or seriousness.

Oct 24 2020 at 10:51
298 posts
Forex is a serious business. You can't take a serious matter as hobby. Here loss is involved. It's not like other pastime hobby in which there is no chance of losing money. You have to treat it as business and work hard to learn.

Oct 24 2020 at 12:54
144 posts
hobby is gardening, it sounds very good and relevant .
Forex is hobby it right now sounds not good.

Oct 24 2020 at 13:07
12 posts
forex is a hobby , i do win alot , but the winning not rushing to withdraw , that is the way we stay on market for very very long time

Oct 24 2020 at 14:36
615 posts
Tradelist45 posted:
hobby is gardening, it sounds very good and relevant .
Forex is hobby it right now sounds not good.

time has change now , its 2020, so old mentality gone already , Men right now loving any hard issue as hobby.

Dec 02 2020 at 11:05
28 posts
I treat forex as a business. I take every possible step to make every trade worth my money.

Dec 29 2020 at 04:43
19 posts
That is good in my opinion. You shouldn't force yourself to trade. Do whenever you like and how much you like to. Good luck.

Elena Triston (ele020)
Dec 29 2020 at 05:39
219 posts
It depends upon your choice, availability of time and your skill set. Its a full time job for me which started as an hobby. If you love trading it will work out for you much better than the trader who trades with greed.

The more your practice, the more you learn.
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