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Forex trading offers high leverage

Jul 03 at 09:59
305 posts
High leverage means taking high risks.

Jul 04 at 10:17
248 posts
Due to high leverage, people can trade with small amount. At the same time it's one of the causes of losing money in forex trading.

Jul 06 at 07:02
54 posts
It seems to me that it is best to take something in between, so you can really make good money and reduce risks.

Jul 06 at 13:08
32 posts
Forex brokers offer high leverage, and every broker has its own limit of high leverage. Traders that are looking for high leverage brokers, I suggest trading with FP Markets, ICM or other regulated brokers.

Jul 06 at 14:01
547 posts
@Ebin High leverage is not good for trading especially not for newbie. High leverage makes the trading more risky.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 06 at 23:39
122 posts
High leverage is dangerous, especially for a trader that can't control their greed very advisable for a beginner to use low leverage for start trading in real account, because low leverage will prevent over trading and greed, due they not enough margin to open new trades, but for some trader use high leverage is useful for a certain trading strategy like as martingale trading system

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