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odyssey (odyssey)
Oct 12 2012 at 09:08
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Kookoo posted:
Hi Actually you have 5356 in floating loss right now, not 250. And yes you are in profit 16754.11 deposited, 3240.46 withdrawn and a current equity of 15356 makes you 1842 in profit. Still have to say 25% floating draw down in no way safe, do you use a stop loss?

Why do you want to calculate your own numbers if all of them are given by myfxbook? :-) 25% floating loss is normal, when you have a big enough account and multiple trades open( in this case > 45 ) But, that's the maximum floating loss, I am comfortable with. Let's consider that as running cost of the business. Makes sense?

Trade Forex, Change the World
Oct 12 2012 at 09:48
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rob559 posted:
launching pamm acc at instaforex

this acc is mirroring one my live acc,

minimum investment of 500$

10 t0 30% monthly profit with a controlled expected dd no more than 30% if you follow my mm rules,see details at my monitoring acc link
i trade for living so rest assured that your investments are in good hands 😄

You start a PAMM on a 3 pips spread broker...? Wow.

Oct 12 2012 at 13:17
1916 posts
rebates are the key,when rebates are applied it covers 80% of the spread,i think they offer a good pamm system

Oct 12 2012 at 13:36
1916 posts
for those who'd like to be traded at their own broker, i can do that under a limited power of attorney agreement,same conditions 30/70,what's matter the most is the system i trade is a winning system so no matter if this this under pamm acc or your own broker it is the same trading system,.just pm me and and will set it up right away

cornix (cornix)
Oct 17 2012 at 15:47
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Hello everyone,

I started to accept clients under management. Please check my profile here: for recent performance. Latest (Alpari UK) account tracks performance of actual money manager activity (as I already have some clients linked with me).

Broker: Alpari UK, direct management with power of attorney linking of your account to my manager's account (please contact me for details).

Minimum deposit is $500 (Classic 2 account needs to be opened in order for me to be able to manage it).

Expected return: ~10% per month. I can compound or not depending on you preference (we can negotiate it as well as desired risk per trade & related position sizing etc.).

Manager's fee: 25% of profits gained in a month.

Trading style: day-trading, quick relatively high probability trades. Always with a hard stop-loss which guarantees maximum loss never exceeds 13 pips.

Oct 21 2012 at 08:58
45 posts
biosko posted:
4xeuro posted:

this is an open offer for all high net worth individuals , I will provide you the investor password of my account and you can copy trades on your real account.

 I dont want a penny from the profits, but just the explorer of the account will remain on my FF, Zulu and myfxbook profiles.

 minimum amount of funding will be 10k and all profits generated which will be approx 4% monthly and 48% yearly, will be all yours.




Oh account with 10 days history. LETS INVEST ALL MY MONEY. <irony off>

thanx for your reply, but keep an eye on my activity, and then u might consider my offer correct?

Oct 21 2012 at 13:43
26 posts
I get in manual trade 90% in a week relative low risk, no its difficult.. but sell a strategies for the 4% monthly ^^ is irrelevant.

My minimum deposit 50$, get about 20% daily, for the smarties with a good ratio risk, and a good trading experience and a good strategie its very possible. Dont lost the money and the time for a 4% monthly if the bank offer you the 3-4% too.. is irrelevant try scamm the users..

Have a good day friends.

Oct 21 2012 at 22:32
65 posts
David, no, its not a good system.
Good system is system with stable gains in range of min. 2 years.
If you can handle doing 90% per week for 2 years show me forward test and I am in.

4xeuro --->
I am watching you, but I still think that you will delete this account till christmas.
As you can see from this topic If you click on some other offers and system you will see that almost 90 percent of them is dead now.

Dont trust systems and offers without atleast 2 years of forward test = live trading.

Oct 22 2012 at 07:07
26 posts
Im not offerting nothing sorry, i only express my opinion and show one sample. But is true need minim. two years or one year.

wahjay (wahjay)
Nov 03 2012 at 14:54
41 posts
Hey everyone, i was wondering please,

In order to trade OPM using a PAMM account with a broker (let's say FXCM), should I be licenced from the AMF, SEC or any other authority? Or am i just able to trade OPM like that without any legal structure and then receive my profits??

Thank you !

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