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phill (fellipefx)
Feb 28 2017 at 21:31
20 posts
It is obvious that the difficulty of finding a good Forex strategy is based on the analysis of market data.

Therefore the fundamental or macroeconomic analysis consists of the study of the macroeconomic causes that affect the supply and demand of foreign exchange in the forex market. The fundamental analysis focuses on the macroeconomic situation of a given country, as well as on the world economic situation or a group of particular States and their respective relations.
  In the same way we must keep in mind that the market operates as a whole, and as a rule the changes produced in the economy end up having repercussions sooner or later on the supply and demand of both currencies.

Samm (proyecto)
Mar 01 2017 at 00:10
36 posts
Resilience .....

It is a very important skill and is the one that you will have to handle a lot at the moment of starting to operate since to date I do not know anyone who has not stumbled upon their first account and even with several accounts until they can succeed.

It is very important not to confuse this ability with 'to follow as it is' since many times happens that to continue as it is they start to risk assets that you can not allow to lose.

Alessan (alessanFX)
Mar 01 2017 at 07:49
10 posts
I think every Forex trader has their own strategy. Some use well-established strategies, some design their own strategy from scratch and others use a combination of strategies.

Mar 22 2017 at 07:30
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Some strategies are based on indicators such as moving averages, RSI, etc. Indicators have parameters, such as the number of time periods that a moving average will take into account. In these cases, the backtesting process will be able to evaluate several combinations of parameters and choose the ones that had the best performance in the past. However, that a strategy has had an excellent performance in the past, does not mean that it will automatically continue to be successful in the future.

Mar 23 2017 at 07:31
14 posts
km113 posted:
I believe that developing a response management plan is absolutely critical to the success of a creative plan to develop a response management plan. Consumers can respond in various ways to any message, and it is imperative to ensure that those responses can be captured and measured appropriately.

Completely agree with you. Having a plan is a success so you will have had an excellent performance.

Mar 23 2017 at 07:59
8 posts
You may have a great strategy, good technical analysis skills or an exceptional intuition, but finally not if you choose a good broker, the above will not do any good. A good Forex broker is one who will not only care about your money, will make the actual trade with your positions, supports your preferred deposit / withdrawal methods and has a quick and helpful user support service. It is good if a broker is registered with some type of government financial commission.

Tiffany (TiffanyK)
Mar 24 2017 at 06:55
427 posts
Yes, and also you need to know when and how to use this strategy, otherwise it won’t work in your favor

Accept the loss as experience
Mar 24 2017 at 07:06
10 posts
Although it is faster and easier to perform a technical analysis, the ideal is to combine both strategies, since an unexpected event can change the trend, and technical analysis can explain movements that the fundamental can not, such as a Radical change in the quotation.

Mar 26 2017 at 07:06
15 posts
Having a good trading strategy, you should not go from one strategy to another, you should spend more time to perfect your skills with one strategy until you become profitable before trying to learn another.
Do not become a strategy junkie who spends a lot of time learning different strategies. This will not make you a profitable trader as you do not have the ability to trade with any specific strategy.

Apr 18 2017 at 06:40
6 posts
Back testing is a good way to build a good trading strategy. Observe the chart to learn the pattern of candlestick of a pair. Every pair has its own characteristics. Then use indicator if you are exoert at those indicator. Tesr the method over few months. It is important to test it. I am a binary options trader. If you are interested in options trading, go to lxmarkets and open an account with the broker.

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