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How long it takes to learn

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Jul 05 at 11:56
238 posts
it depends from person to person, mind to mind that how fast a person is willing to understand and learn.

Jul 10 at 07:15
59 posts
Sometimes it takes just a few weeks and you are ready to enter the real markets but on the other hand some are not able to learn even after spending months in trading. So it depends on you.

Jul 10 at 16:36
1 posts
Guys, I have seen only couple of traders becoming profitable within 6 months to one year. And they did it with a mentor trading with them every day on the floor in a prop firm. I really dont understad how on earth will start make CONSISTANT profits withing couple of weeks.

Jul 16 at 09:07
446 posts
perryjohn765 posted:
it depends from person to person, mind to mind that how fast a person is willing to understand and learn.

Yes. It depends on the ability of the traders.

Aug 04 at 17:02
18 posts
It depends actually on your prsonal abilities, opportunities and how much time you're ready to dedicate to learning. The more time you're up to dedicate the faster will be your learning process. Don't forget that learning is always should be combined with practicing, like theory plus practice. I suppose that everything is quite individual here and no one knows how much xcatly does learning takes. Some traders handle learning for about couple of months, others decide to learn and to trade simultaneously, however I'm not fond of such approach because you just blow your head by these scheme.

Aug 05 at 05:39
637 posts
@Dorofeev Yes it depends on many factors. Soecially it dpends on one's ability to understand things and his level of dedication for learning.

Aug 05 at 08:25
624 posts
Learning , patience is really important issue that we cannot ignore , but all attempts will fail until making a real trading discipline. I have seen many time, despite of good market experience someone cannot make profit with consistency due to lacking only discipline. So from all, I emphasis on

Aug 05 at 12:04
336 posts
@Imamul Yes patience is really important is trading. To be a discipline trader, one must be patient. Otherwise, he will not be able to make himself disciplined. Without being discipline, consistency is not possible.

Sep 11 at 16:25
283 posts
I was always surprised by such questions, don't you understand that it depends only on yourself? if someone tells you that in 2 days you will become a pro, will you go to trade with all the money?

Oct 06 at 19:56
8 posts
It takes all the time. Learning process should never stop. You have to adjust your trading strategy to the market all the time.

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