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How much money can I expect to make from trading?

Mar 28 2022 at 11:27
801 posts
In fact, you can earn very good money in trading. But, in many respects it depends on the size of the initial investment in the work.
Mar 30 2022 at 07:38
51 posts
There is no fixed amount a trader can make trading forex. Traders need to have a good amount of knowledge and sufficient practice to gain the right trading skills to be profitable in the long-run.
Mar 30 2022 at 09:22
219 posts
Every trader has expectation but the matter is that how many of them can concretize their dream to reality. Large expectation drives a person towards emotion, on the other hand, moderate expectation makes a person happy and this is true to the bone in the field of Forex.
Mar 30 2022 at 09:24
9 posts
Expect to make nothing. IN fact expect to make a loss. If you do any better than that then it is a bonus
Apr 01 2022 at 05:16
29 posts
There is no limit. Depending on your budget, how much you choose to invest and how long you hold a trade and how quickly you adapt to market change.
Apr 01 2022 at 05:29
19 posts
If you trade without knowing the right entry and exit points of trade and without using a risk management strategy, then I can tell you how much money you can lose. You can lose all that you trade with. Making profits in forex trading can only happen once you have enough knowledge and experience. Until then, work on managing your losses instead of dreaming about how much you can make.
Apr 01 2022 at 12:11
801 posts
The question is not entirely correct, because it depends on many parameters. For example, the minimum investment amount and the level of experience of the trader.
Apr 02 2022 at 11:34
939 posts
You can make really good money in trading. It is important to approach this as responsibly as possible.
Apr 03 2022 at 10:37
801 posts
You can earn absolutely different amounts, or you can lose money altogether. Here, the knowledge of the trader and the amount of investment play a key role.
Apr 04 2022 at 05:17
18 posts
There is no particular formula for measurement of earning money from forex ,it all depends on your work, strategies and experience.
Apr 19 2022 at 10:38
32 posts
There are no expectations.If you know the basics of the trading, you can make good amount. But before that you should practice it on the demo account, in order to earn good profits.
May 12 2022 at 05:06
70 posts
No one can exactly predict how much profits they are going to make. Every trader has their own way of trading and you can only make profits when you have trading skills. Also I think you should be more focused on learning and understanding the market. Once you master all the skills, you can start making money.
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