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How to know average drawdown per trade?

TradingtheCloud (TradingtheCloud)
Mar 20 2018 at 07:51
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Arcforex posted:
TradingtheCloud posted:
Arcforex posted:
TradingtheCloud posted:
Now you are askng another question. The point is that MAE is used to see how much one trade had been dragged down before it was closed to answer your original query.

so are you saying this MAE only available when connected to myfxbook? and mt4 does not have this information?

Metaquotes publishes end of day statement that has timestamp, order id, price, equity, which you can find under the history tab. From this information available on the statements, you can write a program to plot daily end-of-day metrics like equity chart, drawdown, MAE, profit factor etc even if the trader has shutdown his or her machine as these statements are generated from live servers and all regulated brokers keep such records as long as the account is active. Yes some bucket shop brokers delete old statements as it takes valuable storage space.

It is up to the good analytical program to extract these data to plot it accurately. Myfxbook does a very good job too like others out there.

When a trader keeps the account connected with myfxbook, then it is possible to collect high resolution intraday data and record any sudden spikes in data which otherwise could not be captured by end of day statement.

hey, i think there must be some problem with myfxbook data system.

take a look at this account

in the account info, the drawdown stated as 3%

when we look at monthly analytic at the bottom we can see the highest negative gain for this account is -7.02%

but at the drawdown chart at the top it shows 19.47% as the highest.

i thougt the drawdown at the account info is the highest drawdown ever recorded.
please explain why it differ and show the right way to analyze a trader drawdown.

The historical drawdown is clearly captured in myfxbook. Just click on the 'Drawdown' tab just above Gain chart and it will show the full history of the drawdown.

I agree the max drawdown value on the main summary page is not aligned. Maybe myfxbook can look into this.

Mar 20 2018 at 09:05
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Can you get drawdown in pips not just in percent?

Mar 20 2018 at 14:56
38 posts
SkaterOnIce posted:
Can you get drawdown in pips not just in percent?

at some point i was thinking about this.

but it will be unfair, because the lot used by the trader are not always static.

but i was limited by my imagination.

do you have any suggestion on how to determined performance by using pips?

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