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How to set up a fund? (question for money managers)

myfirstmillion (myfirstmillion)
Jan 14 2015 at 15:59
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Yahoo finance is one of the largetst open archive at the moment. In fact bloomber hidden his fund screener.
What is the problem if I see at yahoo archive? Is it less professional?
You should know that is the central bank of the country where hedge fund is regulated that decide what are the parameters of the hedge fund.
For example, if you open an hedge fund in Malta, it is Bank of Valletta that give you regulation.
Why this sounds so strange to you?
But for sure my english is not so well, so i cannot understand your question

if something works don't change it
Jan 14 2015 at 16:45
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@top performer...... there are no problems to look at yahoo archive .....i do not know if it is professional or not. It depends on the profession, I guess.

It is definitely not about your english. There are many things , I should know..... and again At Malta the regulation is coming from BOV?... interesting. But rules are set - up by Bank Centrali, right.....and MFSA is somehow involved as well.... after all it does not really matter right?

So relax mate, everything is fine.

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