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Is it better to invest or save money?

Jan 23 at 13:57
13 posts
For me it is all about timing. If I have money that I will not use for a long time ( 10 years), I will invest it in a diversified portfolio. If I need the money in a short period of time <2 years then I will put it in savings account
Jan 24 at 04:37
18 posts
I believe in investing and growing my money.
Jan 25 at 06:01
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princesajir posted:
first_time posted:
Saving the money does not give you any returns, while investing does. But investing will have a good return if you know what you are doing in portfolios.
How about this? 50% goes to saving, and 50% goes to investing.
This is a good idea, except that the weight of savings is too large and 30% would be better.
I suppose that saving should be more because those can be beneficial for emergency cases. I am not sure about 50-50 like that guy said.
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