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Long term trading

Mar 09 at 10:46
26 posts
Ericdier752 posted:
Yeah, research is very important especially for long term. I was also hoping to use the price action strategy and I read all about it. Any tips would be great before I start.

Just focus on the price action trading patterns and do backtest it. This is a very important step and it is better if you don’t skip it. Backtesting your strategy will give you a fair idea of how your strategy will turn out to be in the market. Like I have been backtesting a few on some platforms - Oanda, Turnkeyforex, etc. Making observations about how your trade would go will prepare you better. Good luck.

Mar 24 at 04:13
14 posts
Yes, I prefer long term trading as well. It is good to have a long term plan. And you’re right to say that it requires some good amount of funds.

Apr 04 at 10:27
54 posts
Long term trading is most ideal for a new trader as it prevents the chances of losing big money. Problem with short term trading that it makes newbie to do overtrading.

Apr 05 at 07:37
93 posts
i always prefer long term trading
because its safe and sounds than any short time approach , generally short time trading approach not works for a long time .

May 03 at 17:06
379 posts
It is common to make mistakes. I also face the same situation when I was a new trader. I learned many things from that mistake.

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