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Looking for reliable ECN brokers...

Finarmcom (Finarmcom)
May 29 at 10:39
8 posts
I think that we have a lot of opportunities to study info. Reviews of brokers are important part for choosing broker. You need to have a lot of researching info, maybe, comments, study of licenses and so on. When I was looking for the right broker I found the good site Finarm. I learnt a lot of info about brokers on this site. You should check it!

May 29 at 12:39
412 posts
For a reliable broker, do some research on Google. First criteria is regulation of the broker. Don't go for unrelated broker. Then check the other facilities that you need for your trading.

Jun 11 at 12:41
6 posts
If you are particularly looking at low spreads then I would suggest hankotrade. Been using their ecn plus account for a while now and satisfied so far.

Yesterday at 08:02
943 posts
right now its not an easy task to find a reliable ECN broker ,

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