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Magic Martingale - breaking stereotypes

Mar 31 2017 at 10:51
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MagicMartingail posted:
Schiessl posted:
Could you give us an example? I mean, How do you identify those points where risk can be reduced?

For example, I have indicators that signal me about emerging volatility. Or if I know about sheduled events (political/economical) - I consider that to manage my open positions: to close all positions or part of them, to stop opening new ones etc.

I can use weekly ATR or look at

Thanks. Will see if I can improve my trading then.

Magic Martingale (MagicMartingail)
Apr 02 2017 at 06:18
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johndoe2016 posted:
MagicMartingail posted:
I search points where risk can be reduced. But it is not only way to control drawdown and manage martingale. Entry points are also very important. Entry points are detected automatically according the algorythm integrated to robot, but the rest work is semi-automatic. I may switch off robot if I do not understand market in high-volatility phase or limit risks for some assets only. I do not impose all responsibility on martin. No way, man! Huge work is made by myself (manually) - to stop increasing lot size, step, lot multiplier etc. Everything is considered - volatility, news background, time, contiguous markets and assets.

So when volatility increases above historical limit you avoid trading it? Eg GBPUSD after brexit?

Yes, of course, to avoid or to reduce frequency of new trades.

Power is nothing without control
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