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modern economy crumble. what will happen next?

Nov 23 2020 at 06:36
54 posts
Personally, I think the situation will not improve until at least a targeted vaccination for a certain segment of the population begins.

Martow6474yfhfyf (Martow6474yfhfyf)
Nov 23 2020 at 11:10
4 posts
Everything goes to the point that all people in the world should get sick. And gain immunity. It probably won't work otherwise

Mate_ (Mate_)
Dec 17 2020 at 11:24
11 posts
The economy is going through the next stage of its development. This is very important in order to develop a certain algorithm of actions for similar crisis moments in the future.

Jan 06 at 10:35
7 posts
The crisis stage has been passed, and a new round of development begins. At the same time, we can also observe a huge movement in the cryptocurrency market. I expect this will be an interesting year.

Jan 08 at 04:04
26 posts
That is true and with the recent situation of the pandemic, who knows what effects it has on the economy further.

Apr 28 at 07:05
5 posts
Everything that economic experts predicted did not meet expectations. This once again showed that the modern world is firmly on its feet. And this whole pandemic turned out to be just a tool in the hands of the world government.

Luka776655 (Luka776655)
Apr 28 at 07:58
3 posts
These were all manipulations with the consciousness of people. The so-called check. What will people do if they are forced. I have never believed in this covid 19. This is speculation on human fears.

May 02 at 17:09
461 posts
Trading activities increase a lot due to the pandemic and the economy still recovering from crumble.

May 05 at 14:59
462 posts
No matter what happens to the global economy, currency will be there. So forex market will exist. If something like happen like european union, there will be less pair.

adamroberson (adamroberson)
Jun 03 at 10:46
2 posts
Yeah, forex market will always exist.

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