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Most people fail because

Jan 25 at 12:06
60 posts
I would say that try to keep your excitement at low levels and invest patiently at the early phase of forex trading. One wrong trade can vanish your all hard earned money. Try to learn from small trades and then gradually move to bigger ones. Learning from mistakes keeps you on a safe path.

Jan 26 at 20:42
168 posts
Mainly because wrong vision about what Forex is and what`s needed to succeed.

Feb 20 at 05:33
886 posts
self confidence is really important for real life and trading ,
but the main problem is we dont know actually what is self confident and what is over confident.

Feb 20 at 05:41
102 posts
momo3HC posted:
Mainly because wrong vision about what Forex is and what`s needed to succeed.

That's right, Many traders start here with the wrong perception about what forex really is what it demands from traders to achieve success. And this is one of the basic reasons behind the failure of many.

Feb 21 at 09:42
920 posts
risk is everywhere in Forex its a very common thing , there is no one who can deny but if you have proper money and risk management then within a very short time you can bring good amount of profit from here.  

bax699 (bax699)
Feb 22 at 10:57
21 posts
mindset is what fails most traders over long term

Feb 22 at 12:39
462 posts
Above everything else you require knowledge and appropriate trading outlook. In the event that we need to lead a secured and open to trading environment with positivity we the traders need to pick the solid broker which ensure their customers funds.

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