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New traders should be content

May 18 at 00:15
286 posts
Money management is very important in trading. If money management is followed with the plan, it will be difficult to make a profit.

May 18 at 00:31
231 posts
Yes, difinitely 1-2% is good and it should be target for every new trader.

May 18 at 09:08
50 posts
1-2% sounds really reasonable, and actually quite effective

yana hansen (78678676)
May 18 at 11:19
137 posts
Definitely, 1-2% is good for a new trader. However, Demo trading is very important for every trader. So please demo trade for a good amount of time before you go live.

Jun 26 at 11:19
549 posts
Suggestion for newbie traders is try to understand the trading business. You have to have knowledge and skills to do good in trading. Don't expect to make money just by entering into the market. Try to learn the mindset a professional trader should have.

Jun 26 at 17:07
593 posts
SofieAndreasen posted:
AliaDare posted:
I think new traders should do demo trading first. If he can develop a strategy by trading a demo, he can get some good rewards from trading.

Demo is a risk-free account. Always start trading with demo account.

Yes, that's right. But if I do demo trading, emotion will work less. So I should do real trading with a small deposit.

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