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No system works all the time

Mar 18 at 13:00
17 posts
Consistency is the brick of success. It helps gradually to build your account. To be successful for long term we need to be consistent in profit making. Random trading can't help us to be successful.

Mar 24 at 05:23
16 posts
That’s right and it is good if you keep your system simple and not use complicated strategies and aspects in the beginning.

perryjohn765 (perryjohn765)
Mar 24 at 08:41
215 posts
not sure for system means here but the strategies needs to be changed everytime depending on the market condition.

Sarjohn (Sarjohn)
Mar 25 at 08:28
162 posts
System is not the appropriate word but if you are pointing towards strategies then yes strategies need to be changed, according to market volatility.

Apr 04 at 12:52
464 posts
Without having experience it is really not at all safe to invest a huge capital in forex . if you do so then there are maximum chances you will be loosing your money for sure . If you want to do so then you can take advice of any expert trader and you should trade with his guidance .

Apr 04 at 15:04
461 posts
Market is always hanging. Try to improve your strategy according to the market.

Apr 05 at 05:20
51 posts
We always have a base in order to trade before it, periodically it is necessary to make adjustments so that the effect of trading would be much greater.

May 06 at 07:17
242 posts
LyudmilLukanov posted:
Market is always hanging. Try to improve your strategy according to the market.

Yes. It is very much needed to improve your strategy.

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