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Risk/Reward Ration-Why you should master the Act.

Oct 08 at 07:10
162 posts
Wiljanvh posted:
CraigMcG2020 posted:
blackChelsea posted:
I keep my risk reward ratio to 1:5. There is no harm for getting 1000 when keeping 200 on risk.

Thats the ideal i think between 1:3-1:5 but you have to have the mentality to deal with the losses as the is around a 55%-60% accuracy id say. What is yours like?

With a risk reward of 1:3 and a win rate of 55% you would be a excellent trader actually, and is very hard to reach.
You can be very profitable with a RR of 1:1.5 and a win rate of 50%
I think a lot of people have a completly wrong idea of what being profitable is. It is about being consistant in the long run.
A high RR combined with a high win rate is almost impossible. And anybody who is promising these crazy high win rates with crazy high RR is probably bullshitting.

Yeah completely agree. A sure fire way to know a fake guru is high accuracy and RR. 55% isnt sexy but will make you profitable

Seb King (sebking1986)
Oct 08 at 10:22
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For sure. Hate seeing these promises of 95%+ accuracy as you just know it's a scam and that there are some poor saps out there that get drawn in by it.

If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Oct 08 at 12:20
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As for me, the risks in this industry are quite frequent, and it is worth paying attention to.

Oct 12 at 13:57
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you need to understand that the greater the risk in the transaction, the more profit you can get, only the chance decreases, such is the dependence

Oct 15 at 10:27
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No one can be right every time. However the risk-reward ratio can be used to make decent profits from the Forex market.

Oct 17 at 09:53
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here you need to understand that with risk in work, you can go to profit as well as in profit, but you can also lose a lot of money

Oct 27 at 03:56
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In order to manage the risks and save the trading capital, risk/reward ratio is vital to use. The optimal RR ratio differs widely among different strategies but a ratio of 1:3 is generally considered good for all the traders.

Oct 30 at 17:48
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No trade is ever a certainty. You need to have a good RR ratio to ensure that you minimise your risk. I only risk 1-2% of my account in any one trade. I like to keep my ratio at 1:3. Without that risk management it is too easy to blow your account or make much higher losses.

Oct 30 at 20:02
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Interessante conversation... merci beaucoup

Oct 31 at 01:22
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The expectation that a trader will get $ 3 by investing $ 1 is called investment. One of the advantages of using it is that the stock market or the forex market cannot be traded with a 100% profit guarantee, so the risk ratio is used to keep the loss percentage low. Like I use 1: 2 or 1: 3 ratio.

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