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The RVD Markets LTD company announces the initialization procedure of bankrupt

Jun 22 2015 at 16:05
1916 posts
sorry about that drvodka but i 100% agree with Yuriy Zelinskiy earlier post

Jun 22 2015 at 16:42
1916 posts
but i must admit using one since longtime ,armada or tickmill now a

and very satisfied so it must be the exception

Ozzie Matt (aeronthomas)
Jun 23 2015 at 05:06
1557 posts
I would never trade with a broker who is registered in British Virgin Islands, Belize, Russia, Cyprus, Malta, Seychelles, St Vincent and the Grenadines. Brokers use these countries usually as the regulations are not as strict as other jurisdictions. Only those who are US, UK or Australian licensed. Good luck to everyone involved in getting their money back.

Jun 23 2015 at 06:39
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KINJAL PAREKH (mycryptomoney)
Jun 23 2015 at 06:40
16 posts
i was usening rvd from the time it was in market and its withdrawal were much faster then any just few mins it gave conditions were among one of the best broker.but today i face huge losses so you can never be sure in this market..... with any broker

Jun 23 2015 at 09:29
110 posts
i start trade with rvdmarket with trial account . just to find a better broker but i lost time n also profit . so just let it be . im looking a better broker not from russia . hope you guy can suggest which broker is good .

KINJAL PAREKH (mycryptomoney)
Jun 23 2015 at 13:38
16 posts
rvd adds on myfxbook😡😡


Curran (sareen)
Jun 23 2015 at 16:54
63 posts
LMAX or London Capital Group are definitely worth looking at if security/safety of funds is a prioriy
However, when you consider the extent of the volatility during that moment of madness when the Swiss Central Bank un-pegged the CHF from the EUR, only a handful of brokers went out with the majority of them being a 'market maker' type broker
Ensure that you for a broker which allows your orders to interact with other clients' orders and you should be able to see the depth of market as well
Nonetheless, it does cause concern when a broker like RVD Markets, which did offer some of the best spreads in the market goes out of business - however, prior to this year I had never heard of them
You can never be too careful

When you lose, don't lose the Lesson
Seyed Mohammad Aghigh (aghigh)
Jun 25 2015 at 13:44
13 posts
Information about RVD Markets may be helpful to
Phone RVD Markets representation in Russia (Moscow): +7 (495) 540-57-27.
: Become a Member

Ukraine: RVD Markets (65113, Odesa, Akademika Glushko, 11-b, identitsikatsionny legal entity code 38437652 (
[Links visible only to registered users. Register Now ...]
Phone: +38 (0482) 492106)
Owner: Ruslan Nikolaev:
[can see links only registered users. Register Now ...]
Skype: ruslion2005
ICQ: 343303825
+372 59359130
+357 99226551
Website (still running)
[1:15:09] Andrew M: There is something about who dug deep RVD Markets Ltd. and there were some interesting data. Money is about 100 million. And they are in Russia.
Gene. Director since 2012. Grigorov was a certain Vladimir G.
Ltd. 'RVD Markets' (Moscow; TIN 7723809413) registered 22 August 2011 registering authority Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of 46 in Moscow.
The authorized capital of the company as of 1 July 2012 - 46 500 000 rubles. Property Type Company 'RVD Markets' - Limited Liability Company. Ownership Ltd. 'RVD Markets' - Property of foreign citizens and stateless persons. The main activities of LLC 'RVD Markets' brokerage activity (67.12.1), the activities of dealers (65.23.2), the activities of the management of securities (67.12.2).
It is interesting that in 2012, Vladimir G. Grigorov (Director)
The owner of 100% of shares of OOO to 09.2014, LLC 'Investment Company' Zamoskvoretskaya '(BIN 1117746164403, TIN / KPP 7705943261/770501001 as of 06.24.2015)
Its founders:
Prischepa director Dmitry G.
The owner of 100% shares of LLC - Tatyana Afanasyeva Illarionovna
It is interesting that the share capital of OOO 69,400,000 rubles.
However Ltd. accumulated the statutory funds of more than 100 million rubles.
This I otsedo nakovyryat ......

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