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scalping anyone??

Jul 28 at 10:59
9 posts
Without a good broker then scalping is impossible. Also may broker prohibit scalping in their terms and conditions.

Aug 03 at 08:47
615 posts
In Fx trading , Actually scalping is like high action thriller movies that can keep you on the edge of your seat , it brings profit very rapidly from all trading strategies we have. That’s why by and large traders in particularly the newcomers depend on this trading approach .

Aug 03 at 10:20
33 posts
right now i am doing scalping with EUR/USD , still doing profit with consistent level.

Sep 05 at 07:42
589 posts
@AndrewMcCalam54 if you are having consistent profit by scalping that's good for you. But new traders should not do scalping. It will mess up their trading mindset.

Sep 06 at 13:47
27 posts
I'm a scalper, and as a scalper, I can say it is not easy even if it's the quickest method to earn profits because it is also the quickest way to blow your investments.

For scalping, a good broker and the right strategy is required. When I decided to go live, it took me a month to use the right strategy and broker to go live.

Cordardred (Cordardred)
Sep 07 at 17:22
19 posts
I also don't understand those people who do scalping for all of their trading career. It is hard to trade even one day, let alone years of trading. Such people usually wear glasses and don't interact with other people when they happen to go out.

Sep 07 at 18:04
158 posts
I scalp daily, don't make a fortune (yet) but pretty consistent profits so far

Sep 08 at 12:55
283 posts
you do not need to ask who is doing it and how, but rather try job options to understand which of all is right for you!

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