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Seem's no one can make Fx work long term...

Jul 12 2014 at 23:19
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Master_Kiwa posted:
Professor53 posted:
I have a low risk EA with a safe 2% growth avg per month, grid style of EA that I built. Risk more and you can loose half the account. Check my charts. Its the multipair ( 10) EA. Micro trader.

 Why not focusing on a EA which can be used for traders who like to take bigger risk?

Well since you asked>>

My home built EA can do low risk or high risk! Its a double sided gridder with or with out martigale. BUT, in a higher risk, its can and will blow a account. it can safely do about 10 percent a yr with 4 percent DD on a 3K account. Monthly with higher risk, it can do 4 percent a month. Higher profits than 4% a ,month lead to high risks. Just email me if you want to try it and build your own set files. Must be able to back test comfortably.

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Jul 13 2014 at 13:05
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Patience posted:
SAMUK posted:
Your right.. though there are a few traders around doing it but you have to really look for them..

The enviroment squeeze is on..its returning to normal volatility levels after '08'..

How you doing anyway ?

Barely trading. However, it is nice to know that I won't need to attend Gamblers' Anonymous.

I'm surprised you are using Alpari. Tried their demo. It was shit.

I completely disagree with you ... Alpari very much go out of their way to look after us..

I'ts not really my style to get into a negative-positive about brokers so Ill wish you all the best..

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