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Strategy and Forex

Oct 05 at 19:12
204 posts
arildbull posted:
Keeping your focus towards money and risk management is essential while trading forex. This creates a healthy environment for a trader to manage his funds and trade accordingly.

Risk management is very necessary to make money from this market.

Oct 09 at 18:43
81 posts
What Is a Forex Trading Strategy? A forex trading strategy is a technique used by a forex trader to determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at any given time. Forex trading strategies can be based on technical analysis or fundamental, news-based events.

Oct 12 at 13:54
283 posts
many strategies have already been developed over the years, so they are the most stable for work, and you need to build on from them

Oct 17 at 10:43
283 posts
strategy solves too much in your work, so develop your work options to work without mistakes

Oct 28 at 04:23
53 posts
Having an effective strategy with proper money management is essential for any aspiring trader. The trader should also make sure about their consistency in their overall approach.

Nov 03 at 13:02
334 posts
Having a working strategy is the first thing a trader needs. Secondly he needs a mindset for trading. Without a proper trading psychology, even a good strategy fails.

Nov 03 at 14:26
320 posts
The strategy for a trader is a very important aspect. As for me, this is really something that can affect the result of the work.

Nov 04 at 06:55
635 posts
Yes strategy is very important for trading. But along with trading strategy, one also need to understand market psychology. It's a huge factor when it comes to trading.

Nov 04 at 08:10
158 posts
Thorgahuginn posted:
It took me quite some time before I realised the best trading strategy for me. It takes practice and patience. If you want to develop a very good trading strategy then you need to develop it while you are still in your demo account. Do not rush into trading until you have a strategy that you are sure of.

Me too, it took a long time for me to tweak a strategy that is in line with my psychology and comfort level in risk and also holding time. Its a process many leave before even starting

Nov 04 at 12:25
334 posts
@CraigMcG2020 Yes it takes time to find the right strategy that is aligned with our psychology. But unfortunately most don't want to spend that time in working on his skills and psychology.

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