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The stress of it all.....

Feb 18 2015 at 07:43
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fxdimarion posted:
Trading is by far the most stressful and at the same time most rewarding task I have ever undertaken.

Unfortunately, sometimes I want to shout and talk to everyone I know about the forex market trading but talking about the aspects of trading to a 'non-trader' does not make sense in my book for they can never truly understand what goes into trading on a day to day basis.

Sometimes I think it best to just keep to myself whether I have an extremely profitable day or I have lost a sizeable amount of my portfolio. It just doesn't make sense I would tell myself, keep it all to myself no matter how much I want to boast or sob depending on the scenario.

I'm from Trinidad not much people know about the forex market much less trade it. So I'm all alone. This is my attempt to vent and let off some steam. If anyone can relate holla back...

I feel for you man.

I had a days when I was sitting in front of computer, sweat dripping down my forehead and heart racing like I was was finishing 800 m olympic race.

Regarding stress I have two advices:
1) Keep yourself In top ahape physically. Running, boxing weightlifting. Whatever. Its no joke, older man at my place could had a heart attack easy.
2) Be like a chess player, think couple of moves forward. Do not put yourself in position when you worry about positions or you do not sleep well. I personally perform 50x times better when I do not give a ***k about position. Meaning I have huge reserve and means to hedge or average.
3) If you keep trading long enough, eventually people around would not stop bombing you with questions. You will eventually get tired of it and will just say: Its going okay..



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